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Swimming & Water activities

Bijgewerkt op: 26 mrt. 2019

There are lots of possibilities for swimming and all kinds of water activities in the area of Le Cochon. Or you just stay home and try our own 'private swimming pool' in the garden ;).

The river La Cure at Pierre-Perthuis: for swimming, picknick and canoe.

Lac de Lormes: nice sandy beach with restaurant and kids play facilities.

Lac des Settons: several small beaches for swimming and picknicks, water sports, sailing, catamaran, canoe, stand up paddle boarding, windsurf.

Étang de Baye: for swimming, sailing, catamaran, stand up paddle boarding, windsurf, canoe.

Lac de Chaumecon, Lac de Pannecière: small areas for picknick, swimming and fishing.

Rivers Le Chalaux: and La Cure: white water rafting, cano raft, hydrospeed.

For water equipment rentals and activities please contact:

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